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Speedball Screen Printing Kits

Get on board the fastest growing crafting trend: DIY Screen Printing. It simply is transferring a design onto an item using ink. Create stunning T-shirts, bags, transfer you art onto glass, metal or wood! Yes, the possibilities are endless, and it is easier than you might think! There are various ways it can be done. Here you will find a few options, supplies and kits.


Beginner Screen Printing Craft Vinyl Kit

This kit is perfect if you are already familiar with cutting Vinyl with a Cricut® or Silhouette® cutting machines, and you are looking for an easier way to transfer your designs into your surfaces.

Value-priced, Speedball's Beginner Screen Printing Craft Vinyl Kit includes the following:

• (1) Red Baron™ Squeegee
• (1) 10x14 Wood Frame & Mesh
• (1) 4oz Fabric Screen Printing Ink (Black)
• (3) Craft Vinyl Sheets
• (3) Transfer Tape Sheets
• (1) Sheet, Parchment Paper
• (1) Craft Stick
• (1) Set of step-by-step instructions

Screen Printing with Vinyl Quick Guide

  • Prepare your design and cut it using your cutting machine.

  • Remove (weed out) the areas of the design you want the ink to go through.

  • Apply the included transfer tape sheet on the prepared vinyl sheet.

  • Remove Vinyl from backing paper.

  • Place the vinyl on the mesh of the screen frame, and remove the transfer tape.

  • Smooth out the vinyl on the screen using the squeegee.

  • If printing on fabric, place parchment paper inside or on the back side of the item to prevent the ink from bleeding through.

  • Place the screen on your surface.

  • Using the craft stick scoop some ink and place it on top of the vinyl design, not on the open areas directly.

  • Starting from the top, use the squeegee to to pull the ink through the design applying light pressure.

  • Squeegee over it 1 or 2 more times.

  • Lift the screen and reveal the result!

View and download the full instructions using the link below.

Looking for pre-made Designs to use?

Check out these SVG files